13 Of The Funniest Messages From This Month (So Far)

1. This boyfriend thinks this is a good concept:

2. And this guy isn’t Shazam:

3. This guy needs to stop drinking:


4. James Charles’ message became a meme:

5. And this person is all of us when someone asks for our Twitter:

6. This girl received this savage DM and Venmo request:

7. This girl had the best response to a creep:

8. This dad sent the best text to his son:

9. And this mom had the worst response to her son getting a 97:

10. Actually, this dad had the worst text, OMG:

11. This guy wants to shut off his Insta DMs:

12. This person simulated a convo between Colton and Cassie on The Bachelor:

13. And finally, this guy mastered the art of sliding into someone’s DMs:

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