15 Hilarious Wives Who Made Their Husbands Really, Really Uncomfortable

1. This wife, who got a little creative with her husband’s french toast:

2. This wife, who had the perfect response to her husband’s request:

connercraziness / Via instagram.com

3. This wife, who gave her husband this sweet Valentine’s Day cake:

lxnike / Via instagram.com

4. This wife, who is not here for your millennial pet names:

jasonmday / Via instagram.com

5. This wife, who made clay poop and left it on the floor to freak her husband out:

adisturbedone / Via instagram.com

6. And this wife, who’s not exactly cut out for ego boosting:

stallion_stamina8706 / Via instagram.com

7. This wife, who intentionally mismatched all of her husband’s socks after he poked fun at her OCD:

thesubtlemummy / Via instagram.com

8. This wife, who’s not calling you a loser, but:

9. This wife, whose husband asked for more blow jobs, so she got him a leaf blower:

whurley / Via instagram.com

10. This wife, who left her husband a message in the form of home decor:

jenjentsay / Via instagram.com

11. And this wife, who left her husband a message of encouragement where he needed it most:

zackpt_afc / Via instagram.com

12. This wife, whose husband told her he wanted a mid-century modern home, so she made him this:

sv_risico / Via instagram.com

13. This wife, who took a bite out of every donut in the box:

judithprietht / Via instagram.com

14. This wife, who made fun of her husband’s love for hummus:

jessekyleschroeder / Via instagram.com

15. And this wife, who knows exactly who the boss in the relationship is:

autumn_michelle / Via instagram.com

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