15 People Who Are Off To A Rough Start With Dating In 2019

1. This wife who loves to HYPE 👏 HER 👏 MAN 👏 UP 👏:

2. This guy who stunted on these br*ke b*tches after getting rejected:

3. This person who shot their shot in 2019:

u/igains27 / Via reddit.com

4. This guy who spoils his lady when she’s sick:

5. This girl whose reaction was caught right before midnight…

6. …and this guy whose misfortune was caught right at midnight:

7. These flirtationship experts:

8. This guy who’s pulling out his connects for a perspective lover:


10. ………..Karen……………..

u/grivera12417 / Via reddit.com

11. This grandma who is literally Ms. Steal Yo “Friend”:

12. These two who took this Tinder convo in two very different directions, which I honestly respect:

u/imjustadudeguy / Via reddit.com

13. This girlfriend who lovingly supported her boyfriend’s fashion experimentation:

14. This vegan who set herself up for an early defeat:

u/among_shadows / Via reddit.com

15. And finally, this girl who received a lil’ optimistic (…?) reminder:

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