16 Drivers Who Thought, "Now This Seems Like A Great Idea!"

1. “I bet if I try to drive through it, the gate will move up.”

jaycanes_ / Via Instagram: @undefined

2. “What are the odds a fire breaks out and they need to break my windows to get to the fire hydrant? Probably zero.”

sporno / Via Instagram: @undefined

3. “Honestly, it’s such a smoother drive with seven wheels.”

4. “This spot was really close to the entrance! I don’t mind crawling through the passenger side and I’m sure the other driver won’t either.”

daniel_hickok_ / Via Instagram: @undefined

5. “I bet the two people I’m sandwiched between will leave at the same time as me, so it will be super easy to get out.”

canyoupark / Via instagram.com

6. “Transporting a fridge in compact car should work fine. People do it all the time, I’m sure.”

7. “I’m already, like, really late to the party, this’ll do. Plus, it’s dark, no one will see.”

parkingtlv / Via Instagram: @undefined

8. “Is parking in the same direction on certain sides of the street a thing? Never heard of it.”

9. “Don’t worry, if I need to see, I’ll just roll the window down and stick my head out.”

10. “My imaginary friend always parks in front of me, this is as far as I can pull up!”

tinywahinesurfer / Via instagram.com

11. “You’re telling me trees aren’t parking stalls?”

parkingtlv / Via Instagram: @undefined

12. “And you’re telling me these steel poles are for carts? I’ll never believe it!”

fweechao92 / Via instagram.com

13. “When you drive a Bently, you can park wherever you want! Yes, that includes in front of driveways.”

yavorgt / Via instagram.com

14. “Ah, the perfect hiding spot! You can’t even tell I parked on the sidewalk.”

iparcheggidimilano / Via instagram.com

15. “I should be here. It’s the trash can that should not.”

annasnyder331 / Via Instagram: @undefined

16. “As long as you strap ’em in, they’re secure.”

And let’s just leave on a friendly reminder: If you’re gonna operate a vehicle, be considerate of other drivers.

erinmarielyn / Via instagram.com

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