17 Wives Who Are Winning At This Whole Marriage Thing

1. This wife who only sends the dirtiest of pics:

connercraziness / Via instagram.com

2. This crafty wife who told her husband she made a “sexy dress”:

iamlunasol / Via reddit.com

3. This wife who refers her husband to this flowchart every time he says he’s hungry:

biscoff_nutella / Via reddit.com

4. This wife who created a super villain:

danspud69 / Via reddit.com

5. This wife who placed this on the bed and then asked her husband to grab something from the bedroom:

StumbOz / Via reddit.com

6. This wife who put a shed tarantula skin amongst the bananas so she could scare her husband:

onehundredjellyfish / Via reddit.com

7. This wife who put this banner up for her husband’s birthday:

supergalactic / Via reddit.com

8. This wife who gifted this to her husband when he got a vasectomy:

mySTi666 / Via reddit.com

9. This wife who called her husband over to look at what she had done with his shampoo bottle:

daftpanzy / Via reddit.com

10. This wife who tried telling some pizza place that they’re overdoing it with the advertising:

texasproof / Via reddit.com

11. This husband who didn’t even know what hit him:

Olikria / Via reddit.com

12. This wife who created this for her husband before going out of town for a few months:

SelfishMentor / Via reddit.com

13. This wife who told her husband she was “watching TV”:

TechN3ck / Via reddit.com

14. This husband who bet his wife she couldn’t shave his foot while he slept and then woke up like this:

Potatoprincessa / Via reddit.com

15. This wife who put this Halloween decoration up without telling her husband:

Scubazz / Via reddit.com

16. This husband who got some monogramed pajamas from his wife:

blubberbot / Via reddit.com

17. And finally, this wife who made her husband this clever pillow:

punkrockpapa / Via reddit.com

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