18 Insignificant Teen Problems That Once Used To Ruin Your Day In The Early 2000s

1. When you’d forget to transfer your photos on your Memory Card to your computer and you’d run out of space on the card while on vacation:

2. When you thought you had taken a bunch of GREAT photos, only to get a bunch of blurry photos back that ONLY looked good on your small-ass camera screen:

Eonaya / Getty Images

3. When you’d be removed from your friend’s Myspace Top 8 for no reason:

4. When you’d enter the wrong HTML code on your Myspace page and couldn’t figure out what the hell you entered wrong:

5. When Internet Explorer would crash…randomly:

6. When you’d try to burn a mix CD and have it fail just as it was about to finish:

7. Or, worse yet, when you’d successfully burn a CD only to find it out no player could read it:

8. When you’d forget to set the printer to black and white when printing out MapQuest directions:


9. When Windows would shutdown and restart for no reason while you were in the middle of writing something on Word:

10. Whenever TRL would cut your favorite music short just to show the audience:

sciencevssam / youtube.com

11. When the person playing (and doing badly at it) Dance Dance Revolution refused to give it up, even though you had been waiting to use it for like 20 minutes:

darkfoxtokoyami / youtube.com

12. When your siblings would play YOUR Sims game while you weren’t home and totally change their lives around:

13. When you’d just be playing with your LiveStrong bracelet (like, bored in class) and it would tear:

14. When you’re friend wouldn’t allow you to use their cell ’cause they had allegedly “ran out of minutes”:

15. When you were almost done downloading a song off LimeWire only to have the other user sign off…


16. …or when you thought you downloaded a high quality version of a song you wanted only to find out you downloaded the Kidz Bop version:

Razor & TIe

17. When you and your friend would get into a small fight and afterwards they would subtweet you in their Away Message:

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed / Via Aol Instant Messenger

18. And finally, having to leave a really good AIM chat with your friends ’cause your parents needed to use the computer:

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