18 Photos Of Glitches In The Matrix That’ll Make You Think, “Yep, We’re Living In A Simulation”

1. The way this apple was peeled in a way that makes it look pixelated.

universe-atom / Via reddit.com

2. The way this building is painted the same color as the sky, making it look like it’s disappearing.

pachew96 / Via reddit.com

3. This building that looks flat from this angle.

AniFaulscabek / Via reddit.com

4. This picture of a river that looks like two separate photos.

_jackkk / Via reddit.com

5. This reflection on this filing cabinet that makes it look like it’s fading away.

Dr_Dewey / Via reddit.com

6. This sliced ham that looks like it’s a slightly out of focus photograph.

MelvinDickpictweet / Via reddit.com

7. This tree that’s growing through the fence in a way that makes it look like a video game graphics glitch.

HembraunAirginator / Via reddit.com

8. The shadow from this street light that looks pixelated.

CptVolcano / Via reddit.com

9. This building that looks like incomplete CGI.

zcrc / Via reddit.com

10. This untangled cord’s shadow that appears to be looped.

icanbenormaltoo / Via reddit.com

11. This cupholder reflecting onto the phone’s screen, making it appear to be see though.

lemonick / Via reddit.com

12. This photo that looks like someone pasted a second photo directly onto it.

Durkss / Via reddit.com

13. The lighting and carpet that make this hallway look freaky.

TwineTime / Via reddit.com

14. This black car that’s been washed so thoroughly, it’s reflecting like a mirror.

Tittzo / Via reddit.com

15. The dividers on this window that make it look like four different seasons outside.

pommiegurl130 / Via reddit.com

16. The reflection of this puddle that looks like a portal to a parallel universe.

ron_swanson_is_real / Via reddit.com

17. The reflection of this steering wheel in the windshield that makes it look like there’s a planet with a ring around it in the sky.

Baconlessness / Via reddit.com

18. And finally, this concrete wall that looks like a little pond.

nguava / Via reddit.com

H/T r/mildlyinteresting

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