22 Forgotten Things Target, Walmart, And Kmart Had Back In The Day That You’ll Immediately Remember On Sight

1. When Walmart looked like this on the outside.

Tim Boyle / Getty Images

2. And there were greeters near the door who offered these stickers.

BasicallyADiety / Via old.reddit.com

3. Walmart also used to have McDonald’s WITH the classic Ronald McDonald bench.

monster_bear / Via old.reddit.com

4. And lobster tanks.

TheCravin / Via old.reddit.com

5. There were even stations in the electronics section to test out video games.

7passivepandas / Via old.reddit.com

6. They featured an animated smiley face on their Rollback commercials.


7. And they bagged all of your purchases in these thin, blue plastic bags.

kayzp4ul / Via old.reddit.com

8. Then there’s Target, which used to look like this, back before they had those giant red balls outside.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

9. Upon entering, you were hit with a wave of lovely-smelling popcorn from the Food Avenue Express that served things like pizzas and pretzels.

cosmic_riviera / Via old.reddit.com

10. And of course, ICEES!

Mary_Pick_A_Ford / Via old.reddit.com

11. They often served their beverages in Target branded cups with designs like this.

iEngineering / Via old.reddit.com

12. And inside the store, there used to be neon light designs all over.

SleeplessShitposter / Via old.reddit.com

13. And many items were marked with little stickers that looked like this.

aredditt / Via old.reddit.com

14. And of course, their electronics section displayed signs like this, instead of televisions.

TheJezmeister / Via old.reddit.com

15. As for Kmart, it used to look like this on the outside.

Paul Buck / AFP / Getty Images

16. And there was a Kmart Cafe which was a lot like Target’s, particularly those A+ Icees.

earthsick / Via old.reddit.com

17. Some Kmarts even had a Little Caesars inside!

Phat_Gibus / Via old.reddit.com

18. Throughout the store, the signage heavily advertised their bluelight specials!

Tim Boyle / Getty Images

19. And some shopping carts even had a blue light on a pole attached to ’em!

ACFresh / Via old.reddit.com

20. If you needed to kill time or simply wanted to amuse yourself, you’d stick your arm in this blood pressure monitor at the health kiosk.

rfs103181 / Via old.reddit.com

21. If you had your photos developed at Kmart, you’d get them back in envelopes like this.

glassfloor11 / Via old.reddit.com

22. And finally, all of your purchases were tossed in one of these Kmart bags that you probably haven’t seen one of in so, so long.

RetailRegents / Via reddit.com

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