27 Pictures Everyone With A Grandpa Will Instantly Recognize

1. A chair that NO ONE else could sit in (’cause it was “his chair”):

2. A fresh pair of these exact sneakers (for going out):

3. Or a pair of shoes so grass-stained you couldn’t even tell they were once white (that were “still good” and used for yard work):

4. A workshop filled with mysterious tools you knew nothing about:

5. Along with world’s oldest cassette player, usually found on a workbench:

6. And an old coffee can filled with a bunch of rusty nails:

7. A 30 pound metal cooler from like 40 years ago:

8. Some sort of domestic beer memorabilia:

9. A “garage fridge” that wasn’t actually plugged in:

10. A drawer filled with old instruction manuals for things that hadn’t been used in decades:

11. A grill from the Paleolithic era:

12. A fishing pole and tackle box:

13. And, of course, a bucket hat for when fishing did occur:

14. An old oscillating fan that wouldn’t be out of place on Mad Men:

15. These exact pair of khaki shorts:

16. And an old man hat:

17. A portable TV that was, quite frankly, the pinnacle of technology:

18. A car with a tray for cigarette ashes that burned the hell out of your arm on hot summer days:

19. These yellow aviators:

20. A collection of Nat Geo magazines dating back to 1974:

21. An old singing fish robot that hasn’t been working for years now:

22. A windbreaker for any day the weather was slightly chilly:

23. A collection of ancient Old Spice bottles:

24. Bottle openers from before the Civil War:

25. Decorative cars “that were NOT toys”:

26. A bunch of old Tom Clancy books:

27. And finally, some insane story about how he met your grandmother:

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