29 Things Every Pregnant Mom Should Bring Before Heading To The Delivery Room

Preparing for birth can be really overwhelming, so we asked our seasoned moms from the BuzzFeed Community what they did to make things go smoothly in the delivery room. Here are their best tips for being prepared!

1. Bring a long charger (or extension cord) for your phone because it’s hard to move and the outlets are usually far away!

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–Jennifer Melendez, Facebook

2. And bring your own towels. Hospitals provide them for your first post-baby shower, but they are tiny and thin, so, bring large, plush ones from home.

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Trust me. It will be heaven. Bring your own toiletries, too!

–Ashley Weil, Facebook

3. Buy yourself adult diapers. The mesh underwear with pads are uncomfortable and the diaper just feels so much more secure.

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Also, take as many frozen pads as you can. Ask the nurse for more whenever you see her!

–Christine Hagood, Facebook

Seriously, buy adult diapers from the store. Those mesh underwear are “one size fits all (up to a certain point)” and they just didn’t fit my big booty.


4. Bring a size bigger and a size smaller in newborn clothing for your baby – just in case.

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My daughter was predicted to weigh about eight pounds, so all of the newborn clothes and shoes I brought to dress her in were way too big!

–Maria Fahlsing, Facebook

Make sure you bring a onesie that is big enough….LOL! My son was over ten pounds, and the cute onesie I packed didn’t fit.

–Rosa Carone-Prendergast, Facebook

5. If the IV is hurting your arm because it’s cold, ask for a heated blanket and wrap it around the IV tube so the fluid can warm up before it gets to your arm. It helps a lot.

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–Victoria Olson, Facebook

6. Make the nurses a little gift basket filled with things like granola bars, hair ties, chapstick, iced coffee, snacks, vitamin C drops, candy, etc. They will really appreciate it!

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I did this and the nurses told us that many people forget to thank them… And we got a room upgrade to a suite and extra food and goodies to take home!


7. Pack you and your partner’s favorite snacks.

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I have had three babies in three years and learned the hard way to bring lots of snacks! I had my first at five p.m., so by the time I got to the ward, I had missed the evening meal, and had no food with me. The restaurant and shops were also closed. I had to eat toast and vending machine crisps all night, and I was starving! You use so much energy when giving birth you are famished afterwards so having snacks makes a huge difference!

–Farah Thompson, Facebook

Both hospitals I delivered at didn’t provide meals for my partner like they did for me, so packing for your partner is nice!

–Brianna Gray, Facebook

8. The hospital won’t let you leave until you have a bowel movement, so pack something – like stool softeners – to help with that.

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Also, gatorade is a lifesaver when water starts to get annoying.

–Cristine Salas, Facebook

Pack stool softeners! My hospital didn’t give me any after my C-section and almost a week later I was on the toilet crying in agony.

–Kirsten Sue, Facebook

9. Bring your own pillows in non-white pillow cases so you don’t get them confused with the hospital’s pillows and you’re more comfortable.

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–Lauren Underhill Sooudi, Facebook

10. Take the bucket that they give your baby the first bath in.

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They are perfect for foot soaks or throwing dirty bottles in to wait for wash time.

–Courtney Braswell, Facebook

My favorite take-home was the plastic tub they bathed my baby in. I use it by the sink to keep baby bottle parts separate from the rest of the dirty dishes!


11. If you’re not squeamish, ask to have a mirror placed at the foot of the bed so you can see your child being born.

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I did that and it was so awesome to see the birth of my daughter! Plus, for me, it gave me a second wind when I saw her crowning. I was able to push knowing I was one push closer to holding her.


12. Buy Dermoplast spray for after you use the peri bottle they give you.

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–Cait Jacob Denny, Facebook

Get it on Amazon for $9.13.

13. Make sure you bring something to do after the birth, too!

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I put a lot of thought into my labor bag, but never considered that afterwards I’d be sitting around for hours and the baby would be sleeping for good chunks of time. I wish I had thought to pop a book or a tablet with some TV shows into my bag.

–Katherine Handcock, Facebook

14. If you get hot easily, you might want to pack a portable fan.

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I wish I had packed a fan, I was so hot during labor, I couldn’t even keep the hospital gown on!


15. Must-have items include a back scratcher, deodorant, chapstick, dry shampoo, baby wipes, gum/mouthwash, comfy clothes, a ponytail, and a headband.

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–Dani Steele, Facebook

Pack gum or mouthwash for a quick freshen up in case you barf!

––Sacha Coutu, Facebook

Hospitals usually don’t give baby wipes and in my delivery room the only running water was hot/warm, so the baby wipes were a lifesaver for cooling my head!

–Tehla Marsden, Facebook

16. Don’t forget to pack some things for your partner (or anyone else staying with you), like a blanket and pillow, clothes to change into, a toothbrush, etc.

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The birthing and discharge processes can last a while, and it’s important that everyone you choose to have with you is comfortable.

–Ashley Walker, Facebook

A change of clothes for your hubby! Mine got barfed on.

–Charlotte Clayforth-Doyle, Facebook

17. Consider getting a doula.

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Since doctors and nurses can’t stay with you the whole time, it was helpful for me to have a doula. She was calm, knowledgeable, and solely there to help only me.

–Katie Maloney, Facebook

18. Tucks pads really help the stinging if you have post-birth tears.

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–Chelsea Arbri, Facebook

Get some on Amazon for $23.68.

19. Bring some empty bags along to take things home in.

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The bag you take is probably packed nice and neatly, but chances are you’re just going to want to shove everything in there and go when you’re discharged. Also, the hospital will give you a ton of goodies to take home and you may have visitors drop by with gifts.


20. Bring Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm and refrigerate it.

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I would take a nice shower, use the peri bottle, apply the balm and a layer of Dermoplast. Pop some Tylenol and momma was ready for bed. Their nipple cream is way better than Lanolin, too!

–Amy Russell, Facebook

You can find some on Amazon for $14.86.

21. Buy a couple cord rings to use instead of those huge plastic umbilical clips they normally use. It is supposed to be more comfortable for the baby!

–Merel van Dijke, FacebookYou can buy an Umbi-Ring for $2.20.


–Merel van Dijke, Facebook

You can buy an Umbi-Ring for $2.20.

22. Bring a Boppy, or nursing pillow – even if you don’t plan to breastfeed.

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It was hands down the best thing I brought. I never wanted to put my baby down and it made it so easy to hold him and feed him without straining. My whole family used it, too.


If you plan to breastfeed, bring a nursing pillow, that way the lactation consultant can show you how to nurse with it.


Get a Boppy for $29.99.

23. Take Arnica tablets for a week or so before and after birth. It will really help with any bruising.

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–Natalie James, Facebook

Get some for $10.17 on Amazon.

24. Put the baby’s outfits together in individual zip lock bags that way you aren’t rooting around in your bag for stuff.

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–Cherrie Hirst-Middleditch, Facebook

25. Bring a support band (or ask for a compression wrap) for your belly after the baby arrives (this helped my back a lot after giving birth).

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–Kate LaVergne, Facebook

If they don’t give you a compression wrap, ask for one! Wear it nice and tight around your stomach and it helps tremendously!


You can get a compression wrap on Amazon for $19.29.

26. Get to know the on-call doctors and nurses at whichever hospital you plan to give birth at.

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Just because you have a plan with your doctor, does not mean your doctor will be the one delivering your child/children.


27. Bring non-plush footwear to wear during labor that can get wet and wash.

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I got blood, pee, and amniotic fluid on mine, so I’m glad I didn’t wear something cute and fuzzy! I saved my nicer slippers for when I was home.


28. For a relaxed atmosphere, pack battery-powered twinkle lights.

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It set a great mood for me during labor and it was excellent for just a little bit of light at night in the recovery room.


29. And, remember, it’s OK to not have visitors right away.

My husband and I had a two-hour recovery period where it was just us and our son before we accepted visitors and it was so nice.—danif47969d0f8


My husband and I had a two-hour recovery period where it was just us and our son before we accepted visitors and it was so nice.


You’re awesome, mommas!


Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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