32 Of The Best Things You Can Get At Walmart For Under $50

1. Some Prive Revaux sunglasses so you can expand your cool summertime shades collection without busting your budget.


Many of their styles are also polarized, which means they reduce glare — key if you drive frequently, IMO.

Promising reviews: “I love these glasses. Polarizing tint provides great vision even when driving east or west in the summer Florida sun. Frames are lightweight and balanced. Value prices and perform like $200 frames and lens.” —Joseph K.

“Can’t believe how inexpensive these are when you consider how well made they are. Really sturdy frame, great sun-blocking — every detail is perfect and high quality!!! I am so excited I tried this brand out and can’t wait to try their other designs.” —Frieda Tower

Price: $29.95 each, whether you opt for The Madam (four mirrored colors available), The Chairman (three lens/frame color combos available), or one of the 14 styles in the full collection.

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The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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