5 BuzzFeed Videos You Can't Miss From This Week

1. $1,000 Tattoo: Worth It Tattoos • Part 2


It’s been a whole year since we saw Part 1 of this video and we fiiiiinally get to see the follow-up! The tattoo turns out so beautifully (four hours later!) and it’s so fun to see the lengthy, intricate process from start to finish. Hearing Ben’s personal story behind the tattoo is super touching and sentimental as well, adding a sweet layer of *awwww* to the video. However…ouch. Check it out!

2. How I Make My Favorite Recipes I’ve Learned Since Moving To America


In this video, Rie shows us how to make a ton of her favorite recipes from the US. I’m never one to shy away from a great recipe and these are making my mouth seriously water. That caramel rose apple pie?? Come on!

3. I Hired A Speech Therapist To Fix My Boring Voice


Kane is coming to us this week with this unique video where he works with a speech therapist on one of his biggest insecurities: his voice. The concepts he explores in the video are surprisingly vulnerable and really fascinating, tbh. This is a bit of a longer watch, but so worth it and extremely interesting.

4. Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs


Ladylike‘s back with another video where Chantel tells us all about why she stopped shaving her legs. She shares a bunch of interesting things I never knew, like the fact that women on average will spend $10,000 on hair removal products in their lifetime. When Ladylike tried “30 Days Without Shaving”, Chantel learned a lot about herself and her body and she decided to continue on the journey! Empowering and matter-of-fact — definitely a video you can’t miss this week.

5. McDonald’s Around The World


This video speaks for itself — we get to see McDonald’s restaurants all around the world! It’s sort of crazy to see how different some of the choices are depending on your location in the world. That tikki burger looks freaking delicious and I’m gonna need to get one in ASAP. Enjoy, and don’t forget to ask for extra fries.

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