Chris Evans Ranked The Chips In A Snack Pack And He’s Like 90% Right

Comedian Kevin Fredericks started a major Twitter conversation when he asked a simple yet complex question: How do you rank the chips in a variety snack pack?

You know the one, it’s the pack that your mom bought for your school lunches and you’d always go for the Doritos first.

The video is hilarious, with Kevin and his friends in a heated discussion about the proper ranking. But the Twitter replies have their own ideas too.

In the video and in the tweets, Fritos are the most controversial item. And yeah, they’re usually the last bags left in the box, if we’re being honest.

This is also kind of the no-frills pack, so a lot of people are noting how the rankings would change if Hot Cheetos were involved.

BUT, I want everyone to know that Chris Evans aka Captain America has weighed in, and he is…about 90% correct.

Because the CORRECT ranking is this:

Sorry, Fritos.

Andy Golder

Sorry, Fritos.

Ben Schwartz agrees that Evans is very close:

But he may be too kind to Cool Ranch, even though it is a CLOSE 3rd.

Anyway, please let us know your ranking so we can settle this as the internet intended: by yelling at each other via the comment section.

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