Here Are The Horniest Captions To *That* Bearded Andy Samberg Pic Because You've Had A Long Week And You Deserve It

On Thursday, a simple photo of Andy Samberg was shared by The Lonely Island Twitter account as cheeky promo for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The actor stands with his hands at his hips, one T-shirt sleeve cuffed, and donning a scruffy beard and Bort Sampson shirt.

This post is here to tell you that if you found yourself feeling titillated, or inexplicably aroused, by this latest photo of Andy Samberg, you are not alone.

The immediate reactions to it were immediate and rabid.

Over the next few days, and through the weekend, people seemed to divide history and their lives into two points: before the bearded Andy Samberg picture happened, and after the bearded Andy Samberg picture happened.

“I didn’t choose to be gay just to pretend that andy samberg doesn’t look hot in this pic,” one person tweeted.

“Excuse the fuck outta you, andy samberg,” another wrote.

Then, something more magical happened. People attempted to capture what it was about the photo of Samberg that really hit them in between the legs the heart.

It was a certain “energy.”

Or, as user @BeeBabs described, “Rumpled doting boyfriend energy. Let’s go to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning energy.”

“Good with kids because he is a big kid himself but also can be sweetly earnest when it comes to you. Walks into your office with all your favourite snacks when you’re up late writing,” she went on.

The rumpled-but-sexy-good-guy descriptions only evolved.

“He looks like he just returned from dropping off our biracial children to Montessori school and surprised me with vegan donuts,” user @Bilalipaup tweeted in a long and beautiful thread about the photo.

“I finished taking out the recycling. Time to grease that scalp, mama bear.”

(You should read the entire thread.)

All the captions are quite good.

Some, however, don’t understand what all the horniness and hype around the photo is all about. And argued that it shows the mediocrity and subzero standards we all accept in heterosexual men.

“Andy samberg really took out his contact lenses, didn’t shave for a few days and put on a clean shirt and ya’ll are losing your minds.. straightness IS a disease and there is no cure :/” one person tweeted.

Whatever it may be, it’s doing something to a swath of people that your man probably couldn’t do. (🙃.)

Bearded Andy Samberg and I wish you a great start to this next week.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the actor for comment.

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