Let These Photos Of Homes That Have Been Tidied Up, Marie Kondo Style, Bring You Joy

By now, you have definitely heard of a little Netflix show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which debuted on Netflix at the start of the year.


1. Twitter user @ligadoemserie said they were able to clean up their whole house in four hours and got rid of five bags of stuff.

2. and @thaiseloisa‘s closet now looks like it was taken straight out of a personal organizer’s actual home!

@thaiseloisa / Via Twitter: @thaiseloisa

3. Meanwhile, @lulinah‘s t-shirt drawers will legit give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

@lulinah / Via Twitter: @lulinah

4. Same with this shot, from @luiza2theletter:

@luiza2theletter / Via Twitter: @luiza2theletter

5. And these before and after shots of @MinParreira‘s office make us believe in a better world for all home offices everywhere:

@MinParreira / Via Twitter: @MinParreira, @MinParreira

@MinParreira / Via Twitter: @MinParreira, @MinParreira

6. Look at all that space that Instagram user @sabrinastpaula freed up in her wardrobe:

Instagram: @sabrinastpaula

7. Don’t you want to just bury your face in these sets of drawers, from @nadiamillon?

Instagram: @nadiamillon

8. Now this is a tidy af wardrobe, from @iMaryannie:

@iMaryannie / Via Twitter: @iMaryannie

9. And let their before and after pics convince you that you, too, can experience life-changing magic:

10. And finally, if Marie Kondo isn’t proud of this drawer shot from @gabi_bacelar, I know I am!

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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