People Are Twerking At Gas Stations For The "Big Ole Freak Challenge" And It's Basically My Summer 2019 Mood

In case you missed the memo, the best rappers in the game right now are women, PERIODT. Take Megan Thee Stallion, for example, a breakout Houston emcee who juggles her college studies with a fast-growing hip hop career.

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If you need some receipts on why Megan’s one to watch, get into her most recent single “Big Ole Freak.” (Just FYI, there’s alotta cleavage and booty cheek action!)

Please note Megan’s precise pacing, her spit-fire flow, her savage delivery, and her IDGAFWABGTSAM lyrics.

The song’s an absolute BANGER, and so like most bangers (see: “In My Feelings” and “Level Up”), “Big Ole Freak” immediately got the dance challenge treatment, compliments of hip hop DJ Duffey who kicked it off earlier this week at a Dallas gas station.

“Let’s start the gas station challenge,” DJ Duffey wrote in her Instagram caption. “Girls just want to have fun! It’s our month!”

And thus the #bigolefreakchallenge was born. “Duffey challenged me to dance to my song at the gas station,” Megan told BuzzFeed via email. “I don’t think she thought I would really do it, haha, and it just caught on!”

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“I feel like hopping out at the gas station, twerking, kind of reminds me of hopping out at the red light and twerking,” the Texas native told BuzzFeed. “It’s something that me and my friends would probably do if we’re turnt up on the way home from the club.”

So ya it’s pretty simple: gas station and/or car + twerking = #bigolefreakchallenge.

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“The challenge just basically shows girls and guys having fun and being care-free,” Megan explained. “I like to see people have fun!”

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Lots of folks joined in on the fun, like comedians B. Simone and Jasmin Brown…

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…and sis with the wolf mask…

This part took me OWT: “I-CAN’T-SEE-NOTHING-IN-THIS-MASK.” Girl, you’re wearing a MASK! Lololol.

…and even these dancers who technically weren’t at a gas station, but they’re currently on tour with Drake so imma let it slide.

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Megan’s been showing love to everyone’s video and reposting her favorites, including this guy who got all Simone Biles with it in his own special version. “He was literally doing sit-ups on a street sign and then fell into a split combo,” she said.

Another one of Megan’s favorites came from her friend Kelsey, whose commitment and dedication had her twerking in a gas station icebox LMAO!

“I’m all of my friends’ hype girl, so I just like letting my hotties [aka my fans] know that I’ll hype them up too!” the emcee added.


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