You Can Go Back To The Old Version Of Snapchat

You Can Go Back To The Old Version Of Snapchat snapchatwebGetty UK

Why is it with every app update everyone gets up in arms about the changes the developers have made.

They start to get all nostalgic, much like their grandparents and say something along the lines of ‘It was better as it was’ or ‘why have they changed it?’.

The latest software company to feel the public’s wrath is SnapChat, with the majority of their users not feeling the new interface.

Even BRIT nominee J Hus is fuming at SnapChat’s unnecessary adjustments

However, there is a way to revert back to the old format thanks to this easy to follow guideline, which comes courtesy of Clare James who shared it via Twitter.

A drawback to this going back to the old interface is that if you force quit the app when you re-open it you will bring back to the new update

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